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Year 1

General Education: Template
English Enhancement Programme: Template | User Guide
English for Academic Purposes I: Template

Field Experience

BEd (EL): Template
BEd (GS/LS/MU): Template
BEd (CL): 中文版參考版面

User Guide: English Version | 中文版

More Resources:

General User Guide  |  Mahara Resources Page  |  LTTC ePortfolio webpage

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Please be informed that in view of the growing demand, the default disk quota for Mahara users has been increased from 100MByte to 200MByte.  Due to technical limitations, we might not be able to further increase the quota in a short period of time.  Users might need to resize large photo before uploading to Mahara and put video files in the Google Drive for Education accounts provided by the Institute and embedded the hyperlink in their portfolio.  

Thank you for your attention.

ePortfolios for students

With the key objective of nurturing engaged and reflective learners, ePortfolio is implemented to offer a platform for students to manage, monitor and reflect upon their own learning during their study at HKIEd. Students are required to use ePortfolio to document their formal and informal learning experiences in General Education,

Language  Enhancement, Co-curricular Learning and Overseas Exchange Opportunities. Students who are enrolled in teacher education programmes would also use ePortfolio for their Field Experience. Building the ePortfolio provides students with opportunities to consolidate and internalize the knowledge and skills acquired in the learning activities. For more details, please visit:

Digital Teaching Portfolios for academic and teaching staff

Funded by the Teaching Development Grant, this project was launched across the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) in 2011 in an attempt to build a professional learning community via the use of digital teaching portfolio as a professional development tool. Since its launch, we have engaged staff members from various Departments and Units to develop digital teaching portfolios for professional development and knowledge exchange. For more information, please visit:

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